Andy is the Coolest Guy in the UK

According to Google anyway :)

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Cool Google Logo

Cool Google Logo

Such lovely colours :)

Andy is the Coolest Guy in the UK according to Google anyway.

Obviously the results you see on Google are constantly in a state of flux, search algorithms are changed on a regular basis and new content is being indexed by search engines at a phenomenal rate.

By the same token, old content that no longer exists is being dropped from the search results we see day to day.

Want to know what Google’s current answer is to “Who is the Coolest Guy in the UK?” today, check out the link in the top right corner…

Earlier this week Nike released its latest Tech Craft collection, and the Mercurial option will be top of the wish-list for any five-a-side regular. Lace these kicks up and channel your inner Ruud Van Nistelrooy.
Josh Lee / British GQ
Sean Connery
Timothy Dalton
Daniel Craig

When it comes to cool cars, they don't come much cooler than the Aston Martin DB5 as used by 007.

OMG I want one!!!

One Cool Car

Level 5 ATC Tool Control System from Snap on

Want to know where your tools are? Ask your toolbox. Have a look at the world best 'Tool Control' system in our video. We provide the complete solution to preventing Foreign Object Damage (FOD) in any mechanical equipment, not just aircraft.

When it comes to tools, they don't come much cooler than Snap-on Tools! I’ve not met many technicians that would disagree with me on this one and yes of course I’m going to be slightly bias :)

One of the coolest toolboxes in Snap-on’s armoury is the Level 5 ATC (Automatic Tool Control) box featured in the video below, it’s unique in that it does not require any modifications to the tools I.E. No RFID Tags or the like, and works at the same speed you do! Check it out…

Space is Cool

Cool Space Background...

I personally love space, with ever advancing technology and space telescopes like the Hubble for example, as well as looking at different visible and nonvisible wavelengths there have been some fantastically cool colour adjusted images produced like this one.

You See? Yes, I was the Coolest Guy in the UK!

I was the Coolest Guy in the UK

It's a funny old game, most people reading this might be forgiven for thinking that I am some kind of narcissist in need of self glorification. But in actual fact it is simply an example of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.